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Creating WBT in Author-it Honeycomb



Do you know how to create this slide in Author-it?

Not yet, but I'd like you to tell me how.

  1. Create a Conversation parent slide.
  2. Create a content topic for each part of the conversation for both people.

Ahh... so it's the same procedure as for most of the other interactive slides?

Yes. Exactly the same way.

Ok. That seems easy enough. What else?

Content topic headings do not appear in the conversation at all, so in Author-it you can call them whatever you like.

Great - good to know.

Can I change the timing between each part of the conversation?

Conversation slides need the < ItemTransitionTime > variable to be greater than 0, to allow time for the information to display.

For the Conversation parent slide, set the variable to 5 seconds or more.

One last question.

What can I include in each conversation snippet?

The parent slide can include:

  • Two images only
  • An audio file, with or without a transcript

The child element topics can include:

  • Text
  • Images and floating images
  • Links to other course pages
  • Video
  • Animation

Right. So now that I know everything about it, let's move on to the next slide type.