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Creating WBT in Author-it Honeycomb

To launch the main menu, click the button. The following table describes each part of the menu. To close the menu, click the button.

This button opens the course menu of slides. Scroll through the list and click an entry to open that slide. The currently open slide shows in bold.

Icons can show as single slides () or a folder (), which organizes several slides. Click on a folder to view the slides in that folder.

This button opens the glossary of terms.

Click a letter to display terms beginning with that letter. Gray letters have no glossary terms to display.

This button opens the list of resources that the course developer linked to this course to provide the learner with supporting information. For example, a resource could be the corresponding product user guide or safety manual, or a link to a website.

To open a resource, click it.

This button displays help on the window controls.