Make a New Book Template

Book Content Duplication

  1. Select make new book object (based on template = none)

  2. Select Create Book Template. This opens the Create Book Template option window.

    Note: If you do not have permissions to create Book templates in the selected folder, the Create Book Template button will not be visible.

  3. Select Yes and the window changes to the book object window with the Make this object an object template field automatically selected.

  4. Name the new template and select OK. The book object closes.
  5. Open the new book template.
  6. Add existing topics from the library or create new topics.
  7. Save the book and you will see a new column appears in the book structure frame: Reuse Behavior. And the new topic is added to the book contents.
  8. Right click on the new topic in the book and select Reuse Behavior. Four options are available

    Options are:

    • Default to Reuse: This sets the topic to be reused automatically, but gives the user the option to duplicate the object in their new book.
    • Default to duplicate: This means the topic will automatically be duplicated when the new book is created. But the user can select the object to be reused.
    • Force Reuse: Means that the object will be reused and the user cannot change the option.
    • Force Duplicate: means that the object will be duplicated and the user cannot change the option.
  9. Select the applicable option for the new topic
  10. Continue adding new topics until the book template is complete and select the appropriate option for each topic.

The Force topics are shown in bold, the Default objects are not bold.

  1. Save and close the new template. This template can then be used by the Author or Collaborator to make new books.