Fragment highlighting - Cloud

Author-it Xtend

Author-it Xtend uses highlighting to visually indicate when fragments or topics have been reused, and the level of similarity between fragments. Each of the highlighting colors can be changed in the user options section of the Author-it Xtend tab.

There are four types of highlighting:

  • Reused topics: Topics that have been re-used in the library. Reused topics are those that have been embedded in a new container topic.
  • Reused fragments: Text fragments that have been reused in the library. The text, punctuation, spaces, and styles are an identical match.
  • Exact match between fragments: An exact match occurs when two fragments contain identical text. The match is based on the word comparison only, and ignores any differences in white space, capitalization, and punctuation.
  • Fuzzy match between fragments: A fuzzy match occurs when the word comparison between two fragments is similar, but not identical. The minimum level of similarity for a match is set in the user options. Based on this setting, Author-it Xtend displays only fragments that are equal to or above the level of fuzzy match. The user can define additional levels for fuzzy matching.