Create a noise words list - Cloud

Author-it Xtend

You can set Author-it Xtend to exclude noise words from searches. Noise words are the common or filler words used in sentences, for example, the, to, is, and, and or.

Use the Reuse Search window to configure your own noise words list.

Author-it Xtend calculates how many times each word is used in the library and stores the results in the Common Words list. The list includes a Use Count column, so you can see how many times a word appears in the library.

To create or modify a noise words list:

  1. In the Author Editor, choose Edit > Author-it Xtend > Advanced Search to open the Advanced Search window.

    Advanced Search Xtend Toolbar Options in Author

  2. Choose the Noise Words [...] button to open the Noise Words window and display the words already added.

    Xtend Advanced Search Noise Words

  3. Choose Add in the Noise Words window to open the Common Words list.

    Noise Words List

  4. In the Common Words list, select the words you want to exclude from the search, and click OK. Author-it Xtend adds the selected words to the Noise Words window.

    Common Words

  5. Choose OK to save the Noise Words list and close the Noise Words dialog box.