Applies To tab - Cloud

Author-it Objects

The Applies To tab defines which publishing format the profile relates to, which book templates or books are published using this profile, and the release state the content must be in.

Publishing Profiles - Applies To

Publishing Format

The publishing format used by this profile. Select the format from the drop-down list.


The templates the book being publishing must be based on. For example, all books based on the "Presentation" template publish to the "Slide Show" profile which publishes using HTML.

Release States

Define how Author-it interacts with the release states applied to the book's content.

  • States: Select a state from the drop-down list, or create a list of states by clicking the [...] button and select the desired options.
  • Enforce: Click Enforce to stop publishing if content is not in the selected states.
  • Warn: Use Warn to provide a list of objects not in the selected release states when publishing.