Viewing the WBT output

Author-it Honeycomb User Guide

When you publish to the web based training output, the output published to a sub folder of the publishing folder. If you need SCORM output, zip the content of this sub folder. Import the zip file into a LMS.

Note: All LMS manufacturers can implement the SCORM standard slightly differently, and your organization's LMS configuration might also be unique. The Author-it consulting team can modify the Honeycomb SCORM configuration based on your specific requirements. For more details, please contact your local reseller.

To view the output in a browser:

  1. Locate the Honeycomb course book in the library.
  2. Use the ribbon or the right-click context menu to publish the book.
  3. Open the output folder.
  4. Open the sub folder that contains the Honeycomb output.
  5. Copy all content of this sub folder to a web server.
  6. Open your internet browser, and navigate to the web location.

For more information about working with web-based output, see the Author-it Knowledge Center.