Timeline slides in Honeycomb

Author-it Honeycomb User Guide

Add timeline slides to Honeycomb courses to explain a series of events. Each timeline item represents one topic. When the learner clicks on the timeline item, the topic displays to provide more information about the event. For example, the timeline can help explain the steps in a process, the evolution of a product, or the milestones of an organization.


To create a timeline slide:

  1. Create one slide topic (parent) based on the Timeline template.
  2. Place the slide topic at Level 1 in the book contents.
  3. For each event in the timeline, create a content topic based on on any template (except the special Honeycomb templates) or reuse an existing topic.

    The topic title for each event must be 16 characters or less, so it fits within the available space.

  4. Place the content topic as a child element to the slide topic.

This example shows how your slide structure would look when the slide and elements are placed correctly.