Static Honeycomb slides

Author-it Honeycomb User Guide

A static Honeycomb slide displays fixed information, without any inbuilt interactions. On a static slide, the only interaction for the learner might be scrolling or using the controls for videos or transcripts.

Static slides can include simple content such as text and images, but they can also include the following:

  • Links to other course pages or external locations
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Audio to provide slide narration, with the option of adding a text transcript

All non-Honeycomb topic templates publish with the behavior of a static topic. Therefore, you don't have to use the static topic template for Honeycomb courses — you can reuse your non-Honeycomb topics, such as concept topics for user guides.

To organize content, you can place text and images next to each other, or you can apply the FloatToLeft or FloatToRight styles to place the image on the left or right side of the slide, respectively.