Honeycomb templates

Author-it Honeycomb User Guide

The look and feel of Honeycomb, as well as certain behaviours, are controlled by its template. When you need to update colours, add new paragraph or character styles, or update the Honeycomb logo, you'll do it by updating the files in the Honeycomb templates folder.

The Honeycomb templates folder contains the following files:

  • hv_src folder

    Contains the Honeycomb template's CSS files, fonts, and assets that all courses require (such as the course logo). This folder contains the main files you'll use to customize Honeycomb.

  • HoneyCombConfiguration.xml

    Contains settings for several aspects of the Honeycomb output. You'll use this file when you need to add a style to Honeycomb.

  • LogMessages.xml

    Contains Honeycomb logging messages.

  • Types folder

    Contains an HTML template for every Honeycomb slide type.

  • A few HTML templates for core Honeycomb functions, such as its index and table of contents.