Drag and drop sequence knowledge checks in Honeycomb

Author-it Honeycomb User Guide

When the answer to a question requires the learner to specify an order for multiple items, add a drag and drop sequence knowledge check to your Honeycomb course. The learner drags and drops each row up or down, until the rows are in the correct order, then clicks a Submit button.

To create a drag and drop sequence knowledge check slide:

  1. Create a new topic based on the Knowledge Check Drag and Drop Sequence template.
  2. Place the slide topic at Level 1 in the book contents, or inside an assessment group.
  3. Add the slide's question or introduction, using any style except Lists and special Honeycomb-related styles.
  4. Add content to the topic for each part of the sequence, in the correct order, and then apply the List Number style.

    To make sure that the items are sequenced correctly, do not try to randomize the answers yourself. Insert the items in the correct order in a List Number style. The publication process randomizes the order of the items.

  5. Insert feedback topics for 'correct answer,' 'incorrect answer,' and 'try again.'

    Note: You can't use images in the items for the sequence.