Add your own help text to Honeycomb

Author-it Honeycomb User Guide

The Honeycomb menu includes a section to help learners navigate the course.

Help menu

You can edit this text, localize it, or add your own. For example, you could add a contact details section for learners who are having issues with the course.

  1. In Author-it Cloud, go to Files > Common > CompanyShare > Templates > Honeycomb> hv_src > data > common > en
  2. Open userInterface.json
  3. Enter unique class names for the heading and help text. For example:

"helpContactDetails": {
  "text": "Course coordinator details"
  "helpContactDetailstxt": {
  "text": "If you're having trouble with your exam, email"

  1. Go back to the hv_src folder.
  2. Open index.htm
  3. Navigate to the Shellhelp definitions section.

  4. Insert a new <li> item for your help text. Add a heading and the help text. For example:

<span class="Coordinator details">
<h3 class="helpContactDetails">
Contact details for course coordinator
<p class="helpContactDetailstxt">
The contact details for the course coordinator, in case learners need assistance with the exam.

  1. Make sure that you use the class names as defined in userinterface.json.

    Note: Do not enter the help text in the index.html. Honeycomb reads the texts from userinterface.json . You can enter an explanation of what the help text is for, to help people editing index.html, if you want.

  2. Save index.html