Port connectivity for Author-it Cloud - Cloud

Author-it Cloud requirements & technical summary

AITCLD ports and connections diagram

Author-it Cloud can be accessed through an Internet connection via a browser or via an RDP protocol-based connection. Author-it Cloud is a private cloud and only allows connections on network ports 80, 443, and 3391. Customer connectivity is restricted to these three ports.

Ports 80 and 443 are the most commonly used ports on the Internet. For example, they are a prerequisite for most banking websites.

The RDP port that Author-it uses is 443. Nearly all Internet service providers will allow this port to be freely used. However, some companies with large internal networks might restrict access to this port as a default policy. In this case, a request must be made to the relevant network security team to enable access through this port.

Note: You can also open UDP Port 3391. Opening this port is optional, but can improve the performance of the RDP connection.

Port 443 is never closed on the Author-it side.

Author-it Cloud distributes work to servers behind its firewall based on the ports and application being used. Some servers are not publicly exposed through the firewall.