Author-it Cloud network requirements - Cloud

Author-it Cloud requirements & technical summary

To use Author-it Cloud, your network will require the following setup:

Port access for the Author RDP file

Author uses a file to set up a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection. To use the Author RDP file, your organization's firewall needs to allow the RDP access out on the following ports (check this with your IT department):

  • HTTPS : 443

    Note: You can also open UDP Port 3391. Opening this port is optional, but can improve the performance of the RDP connection.


  • Some corporate networks have firewalls and proxy servers that can block or filter outbound port 443 (HTTPS) traffic and this can cause issues keeping a stable connection to our RDP Solution. Our RDP Gateway addresses can be added to your networks proxy bypass list and a firewall rule added to allow direct HTTPS traffic to our gateway's address/IP to resolve this issue.
  • Gateway host names are:
    • GX1:
    • GX2: