Author-it Cloud architecture - Cloud

Author-it Cloud requirements & technical summary

Author-it Cloud is a private cloud controlled by ASC | Author-it Software Co..

The architecture used by the Author-it Cloud platform ensures high performance, security, and scalability:



The Firewall and Authentication layer limits all users to a single means of entry to the Author-it Cloud service, without providing any means of accessing the back-end technology. This is distinctly different from local IT networks, which typically need to guard multiple entry points.


The Load Balancing Servers distribute the work being performed to the Application Servers in order to optimize the performance of the Author-it Cloud platform. Multiple Load balancing Servers provide redundancy; in the unlikely event of one failing, others simply pick up the task.


The Application Servers do what most people associate with computers: They provide the software and computing power that enables users to work with the software application.


The File and Database Server Layer is not a single shared database. Each Author-it Cloud customer has its own database instance, without any means of accessing any other instance of the database.


The Author-it Cloud Publishing queue is managed by multiple publishing servers that dynamically shift the workload to optimize user time-to-publish.