Rule validation for a topic in the Editor

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As you create a topic you can check that content is validating. The Rules tab displays a validation message for each paragraph in the topic that has validated against the rule properties. As an indication that there is a problem with the content, the messages stop at the first paragraph that fails validation. For example, if the tenth message in the Rules tab shows an invalid status you should check the tenth paragraph in the topic and make the required corrections.

Validation is shown when you have the rules tab displayed and save the topic, or choose Validate on the Editor's Review tab.

  • Paragraphs meeting validation requirements display Valid.
  • Paragraphs that have not validated display Not Valid. This can occur when:
    • The text is outside of the Minimum or Maximum Occurrences allowed.
    • Content does not use an allowed style.
    • Extra content is found in the topic that cannot be mapped to a rule.

Displaying Rule Validation for a Topic in the Editor


Choose Edit > Save > Save Topic or Review > Structure > Validate to update the validation in the Rules tab.


The Rules tab displays the validation for each of the paragraphs in the topic and the corresponding rule in the structure builder.

If a topic includes any rules that have not validated, or it includes additional content outside of the rules, it will not validate at topic level.