Insert an existing topic into a book in Quick-Editing Mode

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You can use the Find existing button in the Menu bar to search for an existing topic and insert it into the open book.

  1. Select Library on the Primary navigation.
  2. Open the book you want to add a topic to.

    Quick-Editing Mode opens.

  3. Select a topic in the left pane: the existing topic will be inserted under the selected topic.
  4. In the Menu bar click the Find existing button. The Insert existing topic window is displayed.

    Book editor - insert existing topic icon selected on menu bar

  5. Click the Browse button button next to the search field to specify in which folder you want to search.

    Find existing topic

  6. In the search field, type the name or part of the name of the topic that you want to insert, and then click the search icon.
  7. Select a topic to display a preview in the right pane.

    Preview of selected topic

  8. Click Insert.
  9. Optionally, move the topic to another location in the book using the buttons in the Menu bar.