Duplicate an object

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There are several reasons that you might want to duplicate existing objects:

  • To create an object that is similar to an existing one, which is faster than setting up object properties from scratch. You only need to change the settings that are different.
  • To change one instance of an object to make it different from all other instances of the same object. Because Author-it enables you to re-use objects in many places, you must duplicate the object to be able to make changes in one place independently from other places.

To duplicate an object:

  1. From the Library Explorer, select the object that you want to duplicate.
  2. Click Manage > Versioning > Duplicate.
  3. From the Duplicate objects window, select the folder in which to create the copied object.

    The object appears in the folder you selected, with "Copy of" inserted at the beginning of the description.

  4. Make any changes you need to the object.

    Note: Duplicating an object creates a new copy of that object, but not copies of any objects contained in the copied object. For example, if you copy a book object, all of the objects that the copied book contains are shared with the original book object.

    Note: The duplicated object gets the 'default release state' assigned. If no default release state is defined, it will get the same state as the original object.