Delete a book and its contents from the library

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If you want to delete an entire book from your library, you must first remove relationships involving that book in the correct sequence.

You can delete objects used by the book that do not have relationships to any other object in the library. Objects that are used by other objects cannot be permanently deleted until those relationships are removed.

Caution: Once you have deleted an object from the library, it cannot be recovered. Be careful.

To delete an entire book:

  1. Use the search options to locate all objects that are used in the book you want to delete. This enables you to delete all objects of a certain type at the same time.
  2. Delete objects from your book in this order:
    1. Book objects (when sub books are used)
    2. Index objects
    3. Index Entries objects
    4. Topic objects (you won't be allowed to delete linked topics until the hyperlinks are deleted)
    5. Hyperlink objects
    6. Topics that you were previously unable to delete
    7. File objects
    8. Any Tables of Contents, Glossary, Title Page, or Tables of Figures objects that were used only for that book
    9. Any Style or Media objects that were used only for that book