Creating new objects in quick-editing mode

Add and manage content

In quick-editing mode you can create new:

  • book objects
  • topic objects
  • hyperlink objects
  • file objects.

Control bar in the Book editor

The Control bar shows the name of your open book and has a refresh button on the right hand side.

Screenshot - book editor - control bar with callouts

Menu bar

The Menu bar gives you editing controls for the topics within your book, allowing you to:

  • create a new topic
  • move topics
  • insert an existing topic
  • delete a topic.

Screenshot - book editor - topic controls

The Menu bar also contains the:

  1. Publish to button - provides a drop down list of all the publishing templates that you can use to publish the book.

    Screenshot - publishing content pane - Publish to

  2. Create new Review button. Enables you to create a review of the current book . You can then add topics for review as they become ready.

    Screenshot - publishing content pane - Create new review

  3. Create new Approval button. Enables you to create an approval review.

    Screenshot - publishing content pane - Create new approval

Note: Your review or approval will start at 6:00am on your selected date, or right away, if you select today's date.

Navigation pane and Book Content pane

The Book editor workspace contains a Navigation pane and a Book Content pane.

The Navigation pane lists all the topics in your book.

The Book Content pane shows you the contents of all your topics, in the order shown in the Navigation pane. Unlike Author, where you have to open each topic to view the content, quick-editing mode displays all content of every topic.

Screenshot - book editor - navigation and content pane with callouts