Write Personal Content

About the Knowledge Center

The Personal Books feature allows users to create their own content within a Personal book. You can position the new topic anywhere in the structure of the Personal book.

To add personal content:

  1. Open a Personal book

  2. Click the Edit tab.
  3. Click PBK write personal content"Write a topic".

    The following window is displayed:

    PBK Personal content

  4. In the Title field, write the title of your topic.
  5. In the Containing field, write the body of your topic.

    The body of your topic can be formatted using the various standard tools such as Bold or Italics.

  6. Click on Save Topic to save the modifications.

    The topic is created next to the current topic. A user icon"Personal" icon makes it easy to locate Personal Topics:

    PBK Personal Topic

  7. Reposition the topic if needed.