Share a Personal book

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Fluid Topics makes it easy to share Personal books with other users.

Share a Personal Book

In the Personal book Reader interface:

  1. Click the "Tools" tab.

  2. Click the "Share" switch.
  3. The link of the Shared Personal book is generated.
  4. Copy the link of the Shared Personal book.
  5. Send the link to the user you want to share your Personal book with.

Open a preview of the Shared Personal book

Click on "Open in a new window" to have a preview of what the Shared version of your Personal book will look like for the users that receive the URL.

Modify a Shared Personal book

It is still possible to modify the Shared Personal Book, but any modification will only appear in the shared version if you click on "Publish Modifications":


Users that receive the Shared Personal book link might not be able to consult it for the following reasons:

  • They may not have the proper rights and permissions to consult some topics.
  • They may not have a Fluid Topics account. In that case, they should be invited to create a Fluid Topics account.
  • They may have a Fluid Topics account, but not be signed in when consulting the Shared Personal book. In that case, they should be invited to sign in.