Log a support case

About the Knowledge Center

Sometimes you can't find the answer you need on your own. We're happy to lend a helping hand.

To log a support case:

  1. Go to the Author-it Cloud Portal (Author-it Cloud users) or the Knowledge Center (all users), click the Support widget and then click Submit a support request. Alternatively, go to the Author-it Community page and submit a request for assistance.
  2. Write a brief Subject that says what the case is about, in as few words as possible.
  3. Tell us your problem, question, or suggestion. Please log only one issue in each case, so we can pass them easily among the appropriate people on our team.

    If you're logging a problem, please write exactly what you were doing and on which screen, so we can quickly find an answer for you without a flurry of emails seeking and supplying more details. Provide the text of any error messages that appear. To solve problems we often need to reproduce them - so if you can, describe exactly what steps we have to take. Think of it as a procedure that you're writing (Step 1 - open Author, then open the Library called XYZ, Step 2 ...). The more you tell us, the faster we can get an answer to you.

  4. Click the Submit button. You'll get a confirmation that the case has been successfully logged, and an email will also follow. Note the case number for future use.