Getting help

About the Knowledge Center

The Author-it Community is your one-stop site for Author-it support.

Support requests – Can’t find an answer in the Forum? Submit a request with the Author-it Support team and then monitor the progress of the response. You'll see a complete history of all tickets as well as all communication between yourself and the Author-it Support team. With the Screencast option you can record the problem on your screen and include the recording right in your ticket.

Idea Exchange - Ever had an idea for a new feature or an enhancement to an existing feature? Want to share that idea with Author-it band your peers? This is the place! Simply post your idea in the Ideas Forum where other customers (as well as Author-it staff) can discuss and vote on it, all in real time.

Forums – The forums include sections for:

  • Questions - vote for the best answer from the community
  • FAQ – with answers directly from Author-it staff
  • Known Issues – frequently updated by Author-it staff with workarounds where possible

Chat – Have a quick question about an existing ticket? You can now chat with us about it. The chat dialog is then emailed to you as well as added to the case history so you can refer back to it at any time.