"label" details, as definied under "filter_labels" - Cloud

Magellan SiteConfig.json explained


Contains a definition AND a value related to available publications as a result of publishing variant combinations. Example variant values:

  • English
    • version / version
    • region / region
  • Japanese
    • version / バージョン
    • region / 領域


  • label is optional
  • element name must be identical over all locale definitions
  • value
    • free string (0 to many)


  • Referring to a label, as defined under each individual publication definition.
  • Corresponds with the element names at "label".


  • Author-it published variants version and region, would result in the following definitions:
    • for English User Interface configuration:

      {"version": "Version"},

      {"region": "Region"}

    • for Japanese User Interface configuration:

      {"version": "バージョン"},

      {"region": "領域"}