Library Explorer right-click menu - On Premises 6.4

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Additional menu options are available if you right click an object in the Library Explorer.

Opens the selected object in the Editor.

Opens the Object Properties of the selected object

Locates the selected object in the currently opened book.

A book needs to be open and the object need to exist inside the book for this option to work.

Runs a spell check on the selected object.

Creates a new object

Deletes the selected object from the library. This is a full delete and any object deleted from the library cannot be retrieved

Marks which stage of the localization process an object is in

Marks whether or not an object needs re-translation

Copies an object's report to the clipboard so you can paste that object's information, for example description, modified by, modified, and based on

Select which platform to publish your content to

Show the objects used by the selected object and the objects the selected object uses.

See an object's save history

Show variable assignments, variable usage, or assign a variable to the selected object

Change the release state of the selected object

Apply or change the selected object's template

Create a new variant of the selected object, remove the variant association, convert the object to a variant, or edit it if it's an existing variant

View the selected object's XML. You can also zip it or send it as an email.

Generates a duplicated book with duplicated topics in a new folder

Creates a boilerplate object for the selected book