Import files with Author-it Cloud - Cloud

Files on Author-it Cloud

When importing files into your library, the procedure is to use the Files to temporarily store the files in your Documents folder, and then use Author to complete the importing process.

To import files:

  1. From Files, upload the files that you want to import to the Documents folder.
  2. Log in to the library using Author. Select the Import tab and the type of file you want to import.
  3. In the Select the file to Import window, browse to your X drive which is labeled "[Library] User (X:)". (Note: Selecting the X drive opens your Documents folder.)
  4. Open the folder containing the file, then select your file. Click Open to begin the import process, then follow the prompts on the Import Wizard.
  5. Once the files have been imported, delete the files that you uploaded to the Documents folder.

To import Word documents with linked images:

  1. Upload the images with the document to your folder in Files.
  2. Use relative paths for the image links. Word needs to resolve the links to the images using a location relative to the document after it has been moved to Files. If the document uses absolute paths (which may still be pointing to your local machine or network), Word will try to resolve the links by looking for the images at location which is no longer accessible.

Breaking links to images in Word 2010 (to embed the images in the Word document)