Search for files - Cloud

Files on Author-it Cloud

Search Features:

The Search function's powerful features include:

  • Wildcards (*guide)
  • Searching by filename or extension (*.xls)
  • Quoted text ("user guide")
  • Boolean filters (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Fuzzy search (guide~)
  • Proximity search, within X number of words of (guide~10)

Search in folders

By default, when you click the Search button, the search is for the currently selected folder. To search in a different folder, right-click that folder and select Search from the menu.


To search for files:

  1. Open the Search window from the Search button or shortcut menu.
  2. Type the file name or file contents, then click Search.

    Note: The metadata search fields are not supported in Author-it Cloud.

  3. When the search has completed, click on a Search result to display that file within its folder.