Initiating file actions from the file or shortcut menu - Cloud

Files on Author-it Cloud

You can upload your files using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox, or Google's Chrome.

Upload capabilities and limitations:

  • If a file has already been uploaded, you will not be able to upload the file again. This is because files cannot be overwritten. The recommended workaround is to either:
    • Rename the existing file before uploading, or
    • If the existing file is no longer required, simply delete it.
  • Uploading a file to the Cloud may be impacted by:
    • The size of the file.
    • The capacity of the link used for the upload.
  • If an upload times out due to a poor connection you may see a 504 error. Try reconnecting or using a different browser.
  • Using IE, you'll use the Regular tab and browse to your files using the Select Files option. IE uses Flash and can be used with files up to 2GB.
  • Using Firefox or Chrome, you'll use the Regular tab but you can browse to your files using the Select Files option or drag and drop the files into the window. Firefox and Chrome use HTML5 and can be used with files up to 4GB.


  • For larger file sizes we recommend using Firefox or Chrome.
  • For smaller file sizes you can use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

Upload tips:

  • If you cannot upload a file to a company shared folder, try uploading the file to your personal folder and then moving the file to the company folder.
  • You can ZIP multiple files on your local drive before uploading the ZIP file.
  • For large files, (for example, 2GB or larger), we recommend using your zip application to split and zip your file. Using this method, you'll upload two or more smaller files instead of one large zip file. However, if one of the files does not upload then you'll need to restart the upload process for that file. This is required because Files does not offer a "resume function" for interrupted uploads.