Files - Cloud

Files on Author-it Cloud

When you login to Author-it Cloud and display Files you'll see the folders used by your library.

Important: Do not rename the default Personal and Common (Company) Shared folders, as these are used by different library processes which will fail if the folders are renamed. You should only rename your custom folders (that is, folders you have created).

The contents pane is split into two primary folders:

Files Areas


Your name (personal folder): Each user also has a personal folder in Files, with a Documents and Graphics sub-folder.

  • The Documents folder is used to temporarily store documents and files used for importing.
  • Content published from the library is added to the Publishing folder.

Author-it Cloud Published output in Files: The published output form your library that is stored in your publishing folder in Files can only be seen by other users of the same library on Author-it Cloud. You can send the links to the output to other users in your company so they can view the output (they will be required to complete the login process using their library login details). Please note: If the links to published output are shared (for example, by sending the email with the links to the published output to other users) and you later want to prevent others from seeing the documents, you will need to delete or move the file in your Files folders.

Important: The default folders in this section should not be moved or renamed.


Common (company folder): The shared Common folder contains all of the files used by the library, including external publishing templates, compilers, dictionary files and logs.

  • The Graphics sub-folder under the Common folder stores the images used by embedded and linked File objects.

Important: The default folders in this section should not be moved or renamed.

The following topics describe working with your files and your folders in Files.

Note: Author-it Cloud supports having one instance of Files open per user.