Main features of Files - Cloud

Files on Author-it Cloud

Files features include:

For each login, Files content is separated into personal and company areas

  • Personal (displayed under the parent folder with your name) - your personal folders and content cannot be viewed by other users from your company.

    This personal content includes your Publishing Job outputs.

  • Shared company folders (displayed under the parent folder named Common) - the shared folders and content can be viewed by all users from your company.

Powerful search

The Search function includes wildcards, searching by filename or extension, quoted text, Boolean filters, fuzzy search, and Proximity search (within x number of words).

Preview some file types

Some file types can be Previewed in Author-it Cloud. These can be identified by the Preview option in the right-click menu. For example, an XML file:

Download folders and multiple files as ZIP files

Choose multiple files or entire folders and download as one ZIP file.

Unzip files within the folder structure

If you upload ZIP files, you can also Unzip them within their resident folders.

Rename, copy, move, delete files

Standard file management functions are possible in Files.

Delete permanently and delete to the deleted folder

A standard Delete moves files from their resident folders to the Deleted folder, from where it is possible to Restore them. A Permanent Delete removes them entirely and permanently.