Display variable assignments for the library - Cloud


Variables act as placeholders for changeable data. The default value of a variable can be replaced in an object. It is useful to see which objects have been assigned new variable values.

To display variable assignments for the library:

  1. In the main window choose the File > Manage Variables. The Variables window opens and displays the list of variables available in the library.
  2. Choose the variable you want to view the assignments for, then right-click and choose Assignments. The Variable Assignments window opens and displays the objects where a new value has been assigned.

    Variable Assignments

    Note: When a variable is assigned to a Book object, and that Book object is then used as a sub book (a Book within a Book) the variable assignments are ignored and only those applied at the Topic level or to the Master Book will be resolved during publishing.

  3. When you have finished viewing, choose OK to close the Variable Assignments window.
  4. Close the Variable List window.