View variable values assigned to an object - Cloud


You can view the variable values that have been assigned to an object. This includes variables used within topic text or assigned to an object as metadata. From this window you can also assign other variables to the object, or update the values that have already been assigned to this object.

To view variable assignments for an object:

  1. In the Library Explorer select an object, then choose Author > Variables > List Assignments


    Right-click the object and choose Variables > Show Variable Assignments.

    The Variable Assignments window is opened; any variables that have been assigned to this object are displayed under Variable Assignments in this Object.

    Updated Assignment

    Note: From this window, you can right-click a variable in the Library list (on the left) and view its assignments in other objects.

  2. When you have finished viewing choose OK to close the Variable Assignments window.

From the Variable Assignments window you can update a value for a variable assigned to an object (used in the text or assigned at object level as metadata) or assign a variable value to an object.